On top of our standard freelance art, writing and graphic design services, we are very proud to provide the following, fantastic, Free Lunch, functions!

Comic Construction is a traveling educational program that focuses on the combination of writing and art in the graphic novel medium. Matt Ryan has been speaking at different schools, businesses and special events, focusing mainly on teenagers and adults. Now with a new theme and exciting story, Matt brings a new look to a even younger audience! We'd love to come to your school or business! For more info check out!

Please call for quotes.  860.305.6621

Comic Book Catering is a custom comic book creation service provided by Free Lunch Studios. If you have a collection of art, a series of comic pages or a completed written work, let graphic designer, Rachael Meyer complete the next step for you. If you need her pre-press services to put the book together, lettering or logo design, she gets quality results in a timely manner, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Please call or email for quotes.

Free Lunch Spinner Rack!   The Free Lunch Studios orders and reserves new comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks for you. Delivered to the studio every two weeks. Get your comics and inspiration in one place!