Every Monday Night Since April 20th 2009!

5pm - 6pm is the Kids Jam! Join Matt on a creative mission each week in this fun filled hour of creativity! $5

 6pm – 8:30pm Drop in and work with comics creators from throughout CT and MA! Work on your projects! Get feedback from like-minded creators! Portfolio reviews from professionals! Movie and Popcorn! Find new collaborators for your projects! Artistic exercises! Penciling! Scripting! Inking! Coloring! Painting! Sketching! Lettering! A place to work. A place to play. See old friends, make new ones.  $5

Free Lunch Studios at

All of these classes, dates, prices and more are available at

Character Building Workshop

One of the most exciting creative tasks in comic books, video games, or role play games is the process of character design! Whether it’s a clean cut space hero, a mysterious princess, a fuzzy sidekick or a beast from a forbidden forest, Matt will guide you through your creation. You will investigate gesture, posture, emotion, reference and detail each week in this four week course Pizza for lunch before the class.

Mad Science Toons!

Take Matt Ryan's newest cartooning class! Learn to draw using simple shapes and gestures and then create your own cute or creepy new creature! Creativity is encouraged in this class series! Perfect for you and your little ones who love to create strange creatures! 4 classes, 2 hour sessions, Free Lunch at the beginning/conclusion of each class (depending on time of class)

King Of The Monster Mountain Returns!

We are hosting a special workshop the Saturday before Halloween, called King Of The Monster Mountain! Matt Ryan, creator of Monster Labs, will teach a new special creature creation workshop for all ages that runs from 7pm - 11pm Friday and Saturday 10 am until 2 pm! Who will have the scariest? Who made most disgusting? Whose will win King Of The Monster Mountain?

4 hour session, Friday Night AND Saturday morning, Workshop is only $15!

Friday Drawing and Painting for Teens

Take Matt Ryan's popular Friday sessions at its new location at Free Lunch Studios! Come and develop skills in a relaxed atmosphere while working on individual projects. Components of drawing and painting will explore pencil, charcoal, watercolors and acrylic paint, working from photo reference and the imagination. Emphasis will be on creativity and individual expression. Experiment with a new medium, try something new! Best part is it works with your schedule! Miss a class, no big deal...

Comic Book Storytelling

Create a finished comic strip or page in this 4 week course for the student who has finished Cartoon Anatomy. Work from a script or create your own story to work from in this exciting class. Dealing with slice of life, slapstick humor, elements of horror or the most intense action, make all of your pages works of art. Free Lunch and drink served before or after this 2 hour class.

Creating A Comic Book World

The perfect follow up to Cartoon Anatomy, Creating A Cartoon World focuses on creating mood, environment, and detail to the storytelling process. The goal of this 4 week series is to take the ability of making characters, and place them into dramatic settings, convincing surroundings and exciting stories. Course will include the ever popular, "Free Lunch" from our neighbors over at New England Pizza.


Cartoon Anatomy is the basic 4 week course that will teach working lines and simple shapes, creating the foundation of character design, form, gesture, expression and a couple sneaky "tricks" we've learned along the way. Courses include our "Free Lunch" named after our comic company and studio. That will be pizza (purchased from our neighbors at New England Pizza (which is awesome)) and soft drinks, served before this class.